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how to overcome food cravings

First of all, if you’ve landed on this page, then I’m assuming you’ve probably struggled with or are currently struggling with binge eating and are wanting to stop. I certainly know the struggle after dealing with a binge eating cycle for over a decade. I want to extend my deepest empathy and compassion for whatever it is you’re going through. You’re not alone.


I’m going to share a handful of critical elements that helped me transform my binge eating behavior about 7 years ago (and it has not returned… yes, healing does happen and I can promise you that this does not have to last forever).


Feel Your Feelings

Often times we binge eat because we do not know how to sit with ourselves in potentially very painful and uncomfortable feelings. Food can become a way to stuff those feelings down or soothe them temporarily. Seek out support or someone who can help hold you through the process of being with these tender feelings. Ultimately, you've got to feel to heal. There might be a very good reason why you have not been allowing yourself to feel your feelings, so trust that and seek out support.


Try Not to Shame Yourself for Binging or Overeating

I know this might sound very difficult to do but it’s a very crucial step in the process and healing journey. Shaming yourself after you’ve just crushed a pint of ice cream or whatever it is you’re binging on is only going to perpetuate the cycle. When you’re drowning in shame and guilt, those feelings inside will fester and likely lead to either a punishment cycle of dieting or exercise or further binging/overeating.


This might be hard to believe but your binge eating or overeating behavior is here to protect you from feeling things that have been too difficult to feel. Thank the behavior and coping mechanism for keeping you safe. Place your hands on your heart or your body in some way and say thank you body for keeping me safe.


There are times when binge eating and over eating become highly detrimental to one’s health and wellbeing. You might be thinking, this behavior is not keeping me safe. I hear you..! The motive of the behavior is trying to keep you safe although the consequences and side effects of the behavior might not lead to health and wellbeing… likely the opposite. So with that being said, the binge eating is a messenger trying to communicate something to you. Don’t shoot the messenger… this leads us to the next point… get curious.


Get Curious

Unwanted binge eating and over eating is often times a part of us that is trying to get our attention. Some part, some feeling wants to be known, heard, seen, and felt. So instead of thinking there is something wrong with you, or trying to STOP the message from coming through, can you soften into curiosity about what your body and this behavior is trying to share with you?


Ask Yourself - What am I actually hungry for?

When you feel the impulse to binge eat or over eat, take a moment to pause and ask yourself, what am I actually feeling hungry for in this moment? Is it connection? Love? Play? Nourishment? Take a moment to see if there is another way you might get this need or longing met… is there a friend you can call? Or a loved one? Would a walk in nature feel soothing? Or perhaps just a few deep breaths with your hands resting on your body… if the impulse to binge or overeat doesn’t subside… allow yourself to have your binge (this takes us to the next point).


Allow Yourself to Binge or Overeat Mindfully

I know this might sound very counter intuitive but trust me here… I have been through the depths of this and this is an important part of the process. If you’re going to binge eat, let yourself completely enjoy it… do it mindfully and with a lot of intention. Set up your space. Light candles. Play soothing music or whatever you’re feeling. Choose what it is that you want to binge on and get yourself ONE serving to start. YOU ARE TOTALLY WELCOME TO GET MORE AFTER YOU FINSIH THIS ONE SERVING… this part is really important. Sit down… get comfy… take a few breaths with yourself and start your binge. Eat slowly… enjoy it. Savor it. Remind your body that you can keep eating after you’ve finished this serving… if you choose. Once you complete your one helping, check in with yourself and see if you want more. Allow yourself, with no shame, no judgment, to get another helping. Start the process over. Keep allowing yourself to get more if that’s what you want. But go slow… stay mindful, stay aware of what’s happening inside. Once you feel complete, check in with your body, say thank you… you might even choose to journal about your experience.


Seek Out Support

If this behavior is impacting your life in a negative way, seek out help. This is a very important step in the process. I wish I had known there was support out there for me when I was going through this. It would have saved me years of struggle, worry and stress on my body, mind and heart. There are tons of therapists and coaches who work with people in this way. This is something I’m trained in and have personal experience overcoming so you’re welcome to reach out to me for support. You can set up a free consult by clicking the button below.


I wish you well on your journey. Remember to be kind to yourself. Being human is not an easy thing…

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