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Have you ever paused to question who's truly shaping the narrative of your life? Wondered why you're not the one firmly in the driver's seat, making the decisions that align with your deepest desires and values? If these intrusive thoughts have led you to seek answers, congratulations on arriving at a pivotal juncture in your journey.

In today's relentless rush, our innate wisdom & natural rhythms are often drowned out, leaving us feeling adrift, disconnected from our true selves & stuck in a cycle of fulfillment that feels just out of reach. It's in these moments of feeling overwhelmed by the chaos & noise of life, that it’s important to carve out space to slow down & tune into your unique body's wisdom. This is where a one-on-one mentorship can serve as a beacon of light & help you listen to the subtle ways that your true inner Self communicates to you.  


Through personalized guidance, my one-on-one mentorships are designed to give you the space, guidance & support you need to reconnect with yourself. My goal is to help you remember your true form & the unique gifts that you have to share with the world. Through conversation, mindful awareness, parts work & somatic exploration, our work together will bring you towards deeper clarity, self compassion, understanding & alignment with how you desire to show up moment to moment in your life moving forward. 



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how you can show up for yourself

Embarking on this journey requires courage, an open heart & a ready & willingness to dive deep into the essence of who you are. Prepare to explore the hidden corridors of your psyche, to confront & embrace the parts of yourself that have felt stuck, uninspired, or overwhelmed. This process is about peeling back the layers, revealing truths & fostering an environment where healing & growth can flourish. Your motivation to reclaim your life, coupled with a willingness to engage deeply with your inner landscape will be the bedrock of our transformative work together.

how I will show up for you

As your mentor, I stand beside you as a guide, mirror & unwavering supporter. My approach is holistic & tailored to meet your unique needs, weaving together somatic exploration, intuitive coaching, the internal family systems model & energy medicine to support your process of healing, self inquiry & the actualization of your potential.


Our sessions are designed to be a safe container where we can explore the hidden & more subtle layers of your psyche & body. Here, it is safe to navigate through your shadows, express your deepest fears & challenge the beliefs that have held you back from living the life you want to live.

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Together, we will untangle the complex web of your story & get to know the parts of you that may often remain hidden. I am here to gently guide you through this process, offering practical tools & intuitive insights to reflect on & work through to bring in more clarity, acceptance, peace, understanding, compassion & inspiration.


"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."



rates & structure of container

My one-on-one mentorships are structured around either a 3-month or 6-month commitment to begin with, as this provides the necessary foundation & accountability for meaningful & lasting transformation. Healing & growth is a multi layered, evolving processes that is best nurtured over time.

Choose from either a three or six-month Emergence or Abundance package.


+ one hour sessions 3x a month either in person or virtually

+ personalized homework




9 total sessions


pay in full $1,075 or

3 monthly payments of $375

18 total sessions


pay in full $2,000 or

6 monthly payments of $350

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+ one hour sessions 3x a month either in person or virtually

+ access to unlimited voice & text message support outside of sessions

+ personalized homework & accountability check ins




9 total sessions

pay in full $1,675 or

3 monthly payments of $575

18 total sessions


pay in full $2,995 or

6 monthly payments of $520


For clients who have completed a mentorship, individual one hour sessions are available as desired on a sliding scale from $100- $150. Support outside of sessions are only available to those who are currently invested in a 3 or 6 month long container.

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Taking the leap into something like this can feel daunting. especially when you're not entirely sure what to expect. So let’s hop on a 15-minute phone call — we’ll see where you're at, I’ll walk you through what our journey together could look like, including the structure of our sessions, some of the outcomes you might encounter & the steps to getting started.


"Mackenzie is a grounded, skilled, and compassionate healer. She provides practical guidance and feedback from a spiritual and energetic perspective. There were some important questions that were answered and steps to move forward in my spiritual growth and healing process. If you are feeling stuck or wanting support in the next phase of your personal growth work, I highly recommend contacting Mackenzie Rae."

- Dr. Blake Myers

"As a therapist and family constellation facilitator myself, I know a good healer when I see one. Mackenzie Rae is the real thing."

- Elaine Dilley LMHC

"Mackenzie has helped me heal some very deep wounds, while providing a safe and caring space to do so. I find the work she provides to be absolutely groundbreaking. I can not recommend her enough, especially if you are hitting dead ends in your own healing process and just need help breaking through some blocks."

- A.S.

"Mackenzie is such an amazing healer, intuitive, coach and being. She has such a grace about how she offers guidance and has so much presence when working with her. I’m so grateful for what she has helped me with and highly recommend working with her."

- Haylee LaCroix

"Mackenzie holds a sacred space, that is grounded, authentic and powerful. I felt truly seen and supported. Honestly, that healing session felt imperative in how I am going to chose to live the rest of my life."

- Dr. Sarah Sue

"I will say, the more I see Mackenzie, the deeper the work we get to do. I feel we have worked through more energetically than I could have ever expected to do on my own, at this point in my life. I'm very thankful for her and my experiences with her."

- Amanda S.


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