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Hey, I'm Mackenzie Rae

Self-actualization & holistic well-being are the threads that weave all my work together.


Everything I offer is intended to support you in the process of unlearning deeply rooted conditioning, examining early programming & belief systems that are holding you back from embodying your fully expressed, vibrant Self & Life. 

We live in a world where our body’s natural wisdom & rhythm is constantly suppressed to keep up with the never ending demands of society...

leading to burn out, fatigue, exhaustion, confusion, anxiety, depression, addiction, illness, stagnancy & the list goes on

It's important to carve out space & seek out practices & mentors that can guide you back to your center.

This is why I do what I do.

I hold space for people to slow down & tune in to their unique inner wisdom by listening deeply to the body's subtle ways of communicating.

The work I offer is meant to help you reconnect with & remember your true form & unique gifts that you have to share with the world.

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Through conversation, mindful awareness & somatic exploration, our work together will bring you towards deeper clarity, self compassion, understanding & alignment with how you desire to show up moment to moment in your life moving forward.

The real change happens inside. From there, change in the external can take root.

Let's look at & explore your life holistically.

physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual 

Everything is interwoven & connected with each other. When we address one aspect of life, it will impact the others. So where do we begin? 

We will explore the patterns in your relationship to all of these different realms of life & follow the thread that needs most attention. Together, we will discover new ways you can begin relating to these aspects of life...

because often times, how you do one thing is  how you do everything.

About Us

As a Holistic Healing Mentor, Somatic Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach & Yoga Teacher, my focus is to meet you where you're at.

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Sometimes that looks like holding space while you process a specific challenge or circumstance in your life. Other times, it looks like asking good questions to point you towards the answers that live within you.

At times, our sessions may look like me reflecting back to you what I'm noticing & witnessing in your body language, tone of voice or life patterns. Sometimes it means being direct with you & holding you accountable to the thing you envision for yourself & want to embody. Sometimes, that means creating a system of organization & structure in your life so you can flow & find your rhythm more seamlessly. 


Sometimes it means just being together in silence with no agenda besides listening to the wisdom of your breath & body... and other times, it might mean just laughing & not taking life so seriously.

There's no cookie cutter approach. Wherever you are, I'll meet you there & we'll find our way through.


I offer free 15 minute calls to discuss what you're looking for & determine whether or not we'd be a good fit to work together. If it doesn't sound like we would be a great fit, I will do my best to refer you to the appropriate resources. Please send me an email if you'd like to set something up.

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