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Image by Annie Spratt


"I wanted to mention how grateful we all are to be able to join your classes! I don't think yoga would have been something that would have been able to stick for me if it wasn't for you, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way, so thank you! We all very much look forward to your classes."

- David Conley

"Mackenzie is a grounded, skilled, and compassionate healer. She provides practical guidance and feedback from a spiritual and energetic perspective. There were some important questions that were answered and steps to move forward in my spiritual growth and healing process. If you are feeling stuck or wanting support in the next phase of your personal growth work, I highly recommend contacting Mackenzie Rae."

- Dr. Blake Myers

"Mackenzie has helped me heal some very deep wounds, while providing a safe and caring space to do so. I find the work she provides to be absolutely groundbreaking. I can not recommend her enough, especially if you are hitting dead ends in your own healing process and just need help breaking through some blocks."

- Amanda

"Mackenzie is such an amazing healer, intuitive, coach and being. She has such a grace about how she offers guidance and has so much presence when working with her. I’m so grateful for what she has helped me with and highly recommend working with her."

- Haylee LaCroix

"I will say, the more I see Mackenzie, the deeper the work we get to do. I feel we have worked through more energetically than I could have ever expected to do on my own, at this point in my life. I'm very thankful for her and my experiences with her."

- A.S.

"Mackenzie holds a sacred space, that is grounded, authentic and powerful. I felt truly seen and supported. Honestly, that healing session felt imperative in how I am going to chose to live the rest of my life."

- Dr. Sarah Sue

"As a therapist and family constellation facilitator myself, I know a good healer when I see one. Mackenzie Rae is the real thing."

- Elaine Dilley LMHC

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